Cummunity Guidelines

Guidelines for ratings and comments

With an aim to get reliable services at competitive prices, Servistar is here to serve car owners as per their convenience. So, we request you to help other car owners & in improving our services with your valuable feedback on availing our services.

We encourage you to leave feedback & comments for the services availed by you and we request to follow certain guidelines for the same.

*Your* experience

While leaving your feedback, please ensure that you are writing only about the recent services that you personally availed through Servistar, and not include those from a distant past or include the experience of a friend or family member from a particular mechanic.

For every service availed from a partner mechanic, you’ll be entitled to leaving a one feedback/comment for your experience. Additionally, the said mechanic will also have the right to leave a one reply to your feedback.

Defamatory comments

We encourage you to leave a constructive feedback and keeping your comments legal, for us to provide the best services to car owners. With that in mind, we have a zero tolerance to the following:

  • Use of obscenity or vulgarity.
  • Remarks on race/ethnicity.
  • Using hate speech or prejudiced language.
  • Personal insults.
  • Hostile comments and threatening language.

In an instance in which there has been an obviously poor customer experience, although the comment won't be published, we will refer the matter and contents of the comment to our Customer Service Section for further investigation offline.


Servistar will never publish or share your details like email addresses, web addresses, or phone numbers.

Servistar has the rights to check upon feedback and not to publish any feedback which doesn’t adhere to our community guidelines.

Before publishing, we might choose to edit your feedback for any typos, errors or anything that affects legibility of your feedback and align it with our community guidelines. All this will be undertaken without diluting the general opinion of your customer experience.

You can choose to leave an anonymous or guest feedback. If you link your Facebook account, only the first name will be displayed.


To ensure a fair service delivery, we moderate all the feedbacks before publishing, which might cause a short delay between when you write your feedback and the time when it gets published.

This delay is also subject to Servistar business hours & compliance to community guidelines.

Our Goal

Our one goal in providing the opportunity to pass on feedback is to improve the customer experience for everyone – customers AND mechanics alike.

We thank you for your business, and we appreciate the time you take to rate and comment on your car service experience.

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